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Using Containment to Reduce Mold Damage in Newburgh

9/21/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on a tan wall Our SERVPRO technicians can remediate mold damage with advanced equipment and IICRC-Certified training in Newburgh and the surrounding area.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Teams Can Cleanup Infestation

A mold is a form of fungi that grows in humid environments and indoor spaces. Sometimes, this microbial organism may develop in the rooms or structure of your home. Getting rid of infestation usually requires the assistance of professional remediators that have the know-how and expertise to strike at the source of the issue. 

SERVPRO has mold damage remediation technicians in Newburgh. We have decades of experience helping residents and local business owners overcome potential microbial growth issues in their properties. Microbes rely on spores to reproduce, found in almost all environments on earth, including your home. Spores are a relatively benign feature that only becomes a problem when combined with moisture which allows them to grow and reproduce. Correcting a microbial infestation relies on discovering the source of the problem, which is usually a moisture issue. Our technicians are well-versed in the problems that cause moisture issues in a home environment. These are commonly due to structural exposure, for example, faulty roofing, insufficient insulation that leads to condensation issues, or leaking pipes. Using our training, we can rectify the source of the problem to prevent further infestation. 

Once the source of the problem is under control, our technicians can begin to reverse the damage. Depending on the scope of damages, the removal of infestation may involve chemical action, controlled demolition, or abrasive cleaning. A prime candidate for chemical action is when a microbial infestation visibly affects a surface, but the surface remains dry. A dry, moldy surface usually indicates that there was a one-time spillage or leak that allowed fungi to grow but has since dried. Technicians can apply a biocide or antimicrobial chemical directly onto the surface. After a few days, the chemical destroys the infestation, and any residual elements can be cleaned easily using detergents or other rinsing agents. 

Practices for Removing Microbial Growth

  • Chemical agents that destroy microbes include biocides like anti-microbial sprays like sanitizer. 
  • Controlled demolition involves removing an infested material such as drywall which is then replaced once an infestation is removed.
  • Abrasive action can involve corrosive chemical agents or abrasion tools such as sand and soda blasting machines. These remove the surface layers of the material itself along with the infestation. 

Our IICRC MRS-Certified remediation technicians can help identify and destroy mold damaged infested materials in your home. By carefully establishing containment protocols, we can not only remove the existing infestation but decrease the likelihood of it spreading to unaffected areas. A containment protocol is a system of checks and balances that prevents spores from spreading during remediation or removal of moldy materials. Spores are microscopic, which makes them easy to inadvertently spread on items of clothing, airways, or air conditioning systems. 

Setting up effective containment begins with the application of common-sense practices. Communicating areas of infestation and reducing foot traffic in those areas are an example of common sense containment practices. More advanced containment procedures can involve using physical barriers and sealing areas with non-porous sheeting. Furthermore, our technicians can take extra care to avoid spreading spores by removing hazmat suits when entering or exiting the affected spaces. 

Containment and Removal of Microbial Infestation

  • When demolishing mold damaged materials, it is vital to pack debris into double-sealed bags for disposal at the appropriate waste disposal facility. 
  • Negative air pressure machines can be used during demolition to capture airborne spores from the surrounding air. 
  • Replacing older filters on venting ducts and fans or temporarily sealing them can prevent the spread of spores through air conditioning systems.

Remediation can help you get rid of the infestation for good. Contact SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County for mold damage remediation at (845) 342-3333.

When Leaking Dishwashers Cause Water Loss Events in Newburgh

8/21/2022 (Permalink)

a woman in her kitchen staring at the bubbles coming out of her dishwasher Any type of leak in the kitchen needs to be dealt with immediately. Call SERVPRO to assess and start the drying process.

Speed Saves the Day When Newburgh Home Needs Water Removal

Most homeowners never think about their dishwashers, until it is spewing gallons of water on the kitchen floor. Then, it may seem overwhelming as to what to do first.  

After turning off the water, one of the smartest actions a homeowner can do is to contact SERVPRO for water removal in their Newburgh home. The emergency response teams are on standby 24-hours daily, so there is never a wait to begin recovery from loss. 


Acting swiftly after a water loss in the home is crucial. That is why SERVPRO team members are available 24/7 - even on holidays - and arrive within an hour of the initial call. The techs bring all the tools and equipment required in their green service vans to restore the home to its pre-damage condition.  

Careful Scoping of the Property

SERVPRO techs use their moisture detection equipment to carefully map the path of where the water from the dishwasher migrated. Because they arrived quickly, in this case, no seepage occurred into the subfloor, as confirmed through the equipment.  

Water Removal Tools and Techniques

In a water loss from a supply line in a kitchen, it is common to find water under cabinets and have an area of the wall that requires drying behind the dishwasher. The techs remove the toe kicks under the cabinet and pull out the dishwasher to ensure that they extract as much water as possible before drying.  

Fast Drying Limits Loss

Since the cleanup efforts began quickly, loss to the property was minimal. The techs used air movers to dry both the flooring as well as specially directed airflow at the wall where the supply line broke. Once the technicians completed the drying phase, they wiped down the surfaces and got the space ready for repairs by the plumber.   

SERVPRO of North Orange County at (845) 342-3333 arrives fast for water removal needs. Our certified technicians have both the experience and equipment to make any size water loss, "Like it never even happened."

How Do I Detect Mold?

8/21/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on concrete outside of a house Spotted mold in your basement? Call SERVPRO. Our technicians are certified in mold damage remediation services. Contact us to learn more.

Mold Detection in Your Newburgh Home is a Job for a Professional Mold Remediation Company

Homeowners can spot mold in their Newburgh homes either by sight or because they perceive an odd smell. As valuable as this alert is, a professional team can make a reliable assessment of how widespread mold is in your home. Calling a reputable team and taking quick action is essential in protecting your health.

Mold damage in Newburgh is not uncommon, and SERPVRO is at your service to detect and remediate it. For further protection, you should reach out to us as soon as standing water becomes an issue, as mold spores proliferate in a high humidity environment. Even if you are unsure of the presence of mold, give yourself some peace of mind by having our professional crew take a look.

I have mold, now what?

Detection is an important step, but removal is not enough. Our SERVPRO technicians know that a complete job entails removing and killing fungi and disinfecting to prevent a recurrence. As we approach the mold removal part of the process, you may see our technicians perform some of the following-

  • Establish containment barriers by using plastic sheeting
  • Seal your air vents to avoid further dissemination of mold
  • Remove mold from nonporous surfaces with a HEPA vacuum

SERVPRO of North Orange County protects you in your time of need. Call us at (845) 342-3333 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Types of Deodorizing Products for Newburgh Fire Damage

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

box hydroxyl generator blue hue The SERVPRO hydroxyl generators safely remove malodors from fire damaged Newburgh homes and businesses

Removing Malodors Is a Large Portion of Newburgh Fire Damage Restoration

Odors are one of the troublesome byproducts of combustion and fire damage. When your home or business deals with these offensive malodors, direct action is necessary to overcome the smell and return the property to preloss conditions. Several products and tools are used in this process.

Counteractant Products

The first step that can be taken about odors from fire damage in Newburgh homes is applying and using counteractant products and chemicals in our supply. Often, products in this vein are used to absorb smoke odors as they pass through airflow pathways or the HVAC system. Beads and granules placed in small containers can considerably reduce odor severity at these junctions.

Cleaning Products

It is possible to reduce the severity of malodors after fire damage through the cleaning process. Removing soot and smoke residues can directly impact the powerful smells generated throughout the structure. This process weakens the concentration of odors throughout the house while also protecting the surfaces of building materials from irreparable harm.

Deodorizing Tools

One of the final steps in deodorizing and neutralizing harsh odors after combustion is applying and using specific equipment designed for this purpose. We have several tools in our inventory capable of reacting directly with odor molecules. Based on the severity of the situation and the affected materials involved, the choice in equipment can include:

  • Thermal Fogging – a vapor deodorizing product in portable dispensing equipment.
  • Hydroxyl Machines – HEPA filtration and UV deodorization. 
  • Ozone Generators – Creates unstable molecules that neutralize odor compounds on contact. 

Deodorization is a considerable part of the restoration process after a fire. Harsh malodors can quickly take over the property, preventing comfortable living conditions. We prioritize neutralizing harsh smells after combustion using products and equipment on our Green Fleet of service vehicles. Trust SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County restoration professionals to help when you need it. Call now at (845) 342-3333.

Middletown Restoration and Water Removal When You Need It

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

flood cuts in hallway, tile floor, equipmet Our IICRC-certified SERVPRO techs can mitigate water damage with advanced equipment and superior skill sets in Middletown and the surrounding area.

SERVPRO’s 24/7 Response for Water Removal Gets It Done Fast in Middletown

Why is it essential to call in skilled technicians when you have standing water anywhere in your Middletown property? The longer you wait to remove water, the more damage has a chance to take hold. Within a short period, moisture creates the ultimate breeding ground for black mold and mildew development. Nobody wants to see water pooling from an overflowing tub or burst pipes, but SERVPRO is there to ensure your water remediation and restoration goes off without a hitch!

Why is SERVPRO Best to Handle Water Removal in Middletown?

We are the leaders in the area and nationwide for water removal services, drying, and complete restoration. Everyone on our team is fully IICRC-certified, taking part in ongoing training to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Some of the reasons we do it best include:

  • Rapid response times and proven methods to restore your property to pre-water damage condition.
  • Our crew documents everything that has been damaged from the water.
  • We act quickly to extract water and set up drying equipment to work in tandem to help us achieve our goals.

There is No Job Too Big or Small!

Here at SERVPRO, we have seen it all. Because of this, we have developed proven methods to help us get your water removal, drying, and restoration finished in a fraction of the time of DIY. Some of the reasons area customers call us for water remediation:

  • Water heater leaks
  • Sewage backup
  • Burst pipes
  • Toilet overflows
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Storm flooding

When a water emergency develops, you want a team ready to get to work. SERVPRO’s 24/7 response puts our Green Fleet at your door within hours, whether during the day, evening, weekend, or holiday. We offer the best when it comes to water extractions and drying to make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County is ready for you whenever you need rapid water removal. Contact us by calling (845) 342-3333, and we can send a crew as soon as possible.

Why Call SERVPRO for Possible Mold Damage in Newburgh?

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall near the floor Regardless of the color of the mold infestation in your home, quick action is necessary. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate the mold damage.

We Have Mold Damage Restoration Experience to Help Newburgh Residents

Whenever moisture intrudes, black mold can colonize quickly through your Newburgh property. Within as little as 48 hours, mold can develop into a significant problem given the right circumstances. Not only does mold and mildew spark concern due to the potential health effects on people and pets, but you also run the risk of damage to your contents and building materials. Because mold remediation is fickle by nature, this is the type of project best left to the trained team at SERVPRO.

Why is SERVPRO Best for Mold Issues?

When it comes to mold damage in Newburgh, there are several things that both residential and commercial customers should know:

  • Mold spores are everywhere
  • There are hundreds of thousands of types of mold
  • Mold is not always visible to the naked eye
  • Spores can be present under carpeting, drywall, and other hidden areas
  • You may notice the onset of strong, musty odors when mold is present
  • Mold can quickly spread in as little as 48-72 hours

Should you suspect mold growth within your home, a phone call to SERVPRO will mobilize our Green Fleet. We bring air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and various cleaning agents to make your property Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned!

Until we arrive for mold damage cleanup:

  • Keep all family and pets out of the area of suspected mold growth
  • Shut off all fans and your HVAC system
  • Never try to disturb or touch the mold
  • Do not spray any products on affected surfaces

Why run the risk of handling mold damage on your own? SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County is available to address your bathroom mold and any other areas where you suspect an issue. Give us a call at (845) 342-3333, and we can send a crew out to your property to get started.

Is Your Newburgh Home At-Risk for Winter Water Damage?

1/2/2022 (Permalink)

icicles hanging off of a snow covered roof Has the extreme weather caused ice dams and thus damaged your home? Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 to help. Call our technicians today for services.

Homeowners Should Stay Alert to Possible Water Damages Newburgh Homes Could See This Year

When you consider how rapidly the weather can change to extreme and hazardous conditions during the winter, it is no surprise that exposed plumbing and vulnerable structural points become catalysts for rapidly-spreading water damage in the house.

How Do Pipes Freeze?

Frozen pipes and ice dams in or on Newburgh homes create costly and threatening conditions to overcome. Common threats like freezing water lines occur when stationary water in the pipe becomes influenced by cold air surrounding it.

Can Frozen Plumbing Be Prevented?

It is crucial to note that frozen pipes are avoidable when taking specific preventive measures. Some of the direct actions capable of reducing the chance of freezing in the lines include:

  • Letting Water Drip 
  • Insulating the Pipes
  • Circulating Warmer Air 

Potential Threats to the Roof 

Yet another potential threat that your home could experience during the winter is a buildup of ice along the roof eaves. Damming can force water back into the attic space and create costly restoration needs. Heated cables and ice belt barriers can help prevent this buildup.

What Can SERVPRO Do to Help? 

Homeowners must act fast when flooding or burst pipes threaten the residence. Standing water and migrating moisture is substantially destructive, so our professionals combat this with fast mitigation solutions like extraction, drying, content management, and surface cleaning. 

 Because the winter season can lead to several types of water damage for your home or business, it is important to have a plan in place to restore and recover after these compromising events. Our SERVPRO of North Orange County and also SERVPRO of South Orange County teams work fast to provide needed mitigation after water damage emergencies occur. Call today at (845) 342-3333. 

How Crucial Is Having a Safety Plan When Addressing Flood Damage Incidents in Newburgh?

10/24/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with water everywhere Whether flooding is from a storm or an appliance malfunction, team SERVPRO can help. Call right away after an event to remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Identifies Safety Issues at Your Flooded Property and Finds Ways to Address Them during Restoration

The intensity of flooding incidents varies, thus resulting in different levels of damage to properties. The safety issues caused by such incidents in Newburgh properties may not be very clear until restoration is underway, thus exposing people to unnecessary risks.

Safety issues vary, just like the destruction of Newburgh properties by flood damage. So you must come up with a unique safety plan before embarking on any restoration task. Hiring a professional like SERVPRO is a simple way to cover all bases since every member of our restoration team is trained about safety, thus equipping them with the skills to protect themselves, the structure, and anyone around the property.

Common safety issues after a flooding incident include:

  • Damaged utilities such as severed gas or power lines
  • Loss of structural strength in crucial structural areas 
  • Presence of sharp objects like broken glass, exposed nails, and wood splinters
  • Exposure to Asbestos-containing materials

The different safety hazards require distinct responses. Damaged utility lines require immediate action. For instance, turning off valves to stop gas supply and switching of electricity mains are crucial actions. Our SERVPRO technicians can readily locate the necessary valves or switches and also test the lines afterward to ensure there is no gas or power transmission.

Other safety hazards are better off left untouched until the correct solution is found. For ACM, Asbestos-containing materials, disturbance worsens the problem since it releases harmful fine residues. Our SERVPRO technicians help identify ACMs and also facilitate removal after establishing containment and using the right PPE.

Other steps necessary to establish safety during flood restoration include:

  • Spraying EPA-registered disinfectants into any standing water left in the house
  • Doing controlled demolition to release the water trapped within structural elements
  • Organizing the loss site by zip-tying hoses and cables and collecting debris in trash large cans

SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County take simple and advanced steps to guarantee safety during flood damage restoration. Call us at (845) 342-3333. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Can I Do About the Mold Damage in My Middletown Basement?

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

spraying police car, tech with respirator Guess what company does the mold remediation for Middletown and Newburg squad cars? Yes, you are correct---SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Quickly Send Mold Damage Experts to Your Middletown Home!

Microbial growth can occur in your home when omnipresent mold spores are exposed to excess moisture. Unfortunately, it is that easy. Excess humidity, water damage, or flooding could activate dormant spores, and a colony could begin to form within 72 hours. However, finding mold is no reason to panic. Help is never far!

Should you discover microbial growth in your home, calling for Middletown mold damage remediation experts is easy when you call SERVPRO. Our expert technicians are always ready to go, no matter when you discover mold in your home. Our techs are always equipped with advanced technology, specifically designed to combat the mildew in your home. Some devices we can use to remediate active spores include:

  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filters
  • Antifungal cleaning products
  • Vacuums with HEPA filters

As an example, let us say the mold damage in your basement happened due to a water leak. Insulation between walls has become impacted, and mold has begun to grow. You might think our process starts with removing the drywall, but that is the second step. Before disturbing the active spores, we must set up a containment barrier made of plastic sheeting. Doing so prevents the spread of active spores to other areas of your home.

After removing the affected drywall and insulation, which we can bag and dispose of, our next task is to remove as much of the colony as possible. Afterward, we can apply antifungal cleaning agents and protective sprays to help lessen the chances of regrowth in the future. Finally, should we need to use drying equipment, we can do so to return the moisture levels in your home to an appropriate level.

If you find mold damage on your property, don't wait. Call SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County by phoning (845) 342-3333. We are always ready to help!

How Can Professional Mold Remediation Benefit Newburgh Homes?

6/26/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls of a room Facing some mold damage issues in your home? Never fear, team SERVPRO has certified technicians who are ready to tackle the job.

SERVPRO Provides Efficient Mold Removal and Cleaning to Help Damaged Newburgh Residences

Newburgh properties can contend with higher moisture and dampness concerns at several points of the year. Without adequate drying and airflow to the affected portion of the house, microbial threats can develop and spread. We have fast and reliable solutions to remove mold damage and to restore the damage the organism caused.

Fast Mold Remediation Professionals for Damage

When mold damage in Newburgh homes becomes apparent, there is a finite timeline to resolve these concerns before greater damage and irreparable harm result. We understand the urgency of these emergencies and know that all restoration and remediation projects do not happen during business hours. We are ready 24/7 to help with effective mold mitigation options.

Advanced Surface Cleaning and Mold Removal

Surface cleaning strategies minimize the invasiveness of remediation and often present the more efficient pathways to returning the property to its original condition. These solutions are not always possible with heavily impacted building materials or overwhelmed contents. Careful consideration must be made when surface treatments can have a positive impact. Some of these include:

As overwhelming as mold damage can be to area homes after water damages or mismanaged moisture concerns, our SERVPRO of North Orange County team are reputable remediators to help. We can help to manage mold scenarios with containment and removal strategies. Give us a call today at (845) 342-3333.

Why Trust SERVPRO For Water Damage Restoration in Middletown?

4/30/2021 (Permalink)

a woman holding buckets to catch water falling from her ceiling Is water literally dripping on your head? Contact SERVPRO for effective water damage remediation services in your home. We are standing by 24/7.

How Does SERVPRO Help Middletown Homeowners in Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage in your Middletown residence can occur due to multiple reasons, including burst pipes, ceiling leaks, and basement flooding. Such events can cause irreparable loss to your property. The only way to minimize it is to seek professional help. SERVPRO water damage restoration (WRT) experts have years of experience, training, and modern equipment to handle any size disaster in Middleton.

The SERVPRO technicians must evaluate the water damage to your Middletown property before they can put up a plan in place. We determine areas of concern that might pose a threat to people as well as property. Some of the common safety concerns include:

  • Electric shock hazards
  • Structures weakened by the water damage and rendered unsafe
  • Other biologic hazards

What Tools do SERVPRO Technicians Use to Track Moisture During Water Damage Repairs?

Keeping track of the moisture content is an important part of water cleanup and water removal services. SERVPRO technicians constantly monitor the drying process with sophisticated tools to ensure that the water damage mitigation is as efficient as possible. SERVPRO uses the following monitoring equipment at your Middletown home during the water damage remediation process.

Call SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County at (845) 342-3333 for help with any water damage issues.

How is an Accurate Estimate Produced for Fire Restoration in Newburgh?

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer Smoke and soot are very damaging to your belongings and hard to DIY clean. We have the cleaners and tools to restore your home!

SERVPRO Works with Newburgh Adjusters to Provide an Accurate Estimate for your Home

Housefires are traumatic events, with most homeowners eager to find out the costs and time frame associated with restoration. SERVPRO understands that fire losses are stressful and work to produce timely verbal estimates and work effectively with insurance adjusters.

An estimator's test kit for fire damage in your Newburgh home is an essential tool used by the restoration industry. A test-kit typically contains dry sponges, light cleaning solutions, magnifying glasses, pH paper, and tags. By pre-testing materials and marking or recording them, we can begin to work toward a verbal estimate for restoration. Professional equipment may include materials like:

  • Stain scrub, pesticide, or industrial cleaner to assess the impact of smoke residues or soots on non-porous materials like metals.
  • Furniture stain removers, fabric rinse, and upholstery cleaners are primarily used to test content's cleanability.
  • Formic Acid, Wood Creme Paste, and Stainzap are usually used on high-value items like wooden furniture or appliances to assess whether they are cleanable.

Get an informed estimate for your home. Contact SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County for fire damage at (845) 342-3333.

Why is Mold Damage Harmful?

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling In ideal conditions, mold can quickly grow. SERVPRO's professional mold remediation can safely remove the mold.

SERVPRO Understands the Potential Harm of Mold Damage, which is why We Have Detailed Methods for Cleaning your Newburgh Home

Quite often, homeowners will have hidden water damage that eventually turns into mold and mildew growth. If you suspect excessive moisture or a hidden water leak, you must have your Newburgh home inspected as soon as possible. SERVPRO handles mold remediation so that you can live your life without worry about the potential impact of such an infestation.

Why should a homeowner call SERVPRO for help with mold damage in Newburgh? There are many ways that mildew and mold can cause issues within your home, including:

  • Mold is known for having potential health effects.
  • Once mold begins to colonize, it can impact the structure of your building.
  • In addition to the above, excessive mold can damage and deteriorate your carpeting, furnishings, and other belongings.

Some of the more common origins of mold damage in the home include:

  • Flooding in basements and crawlspaces
  • Pipe leaks
  • Roof damage/leaks
  • Poor ventilation/increased moisture levels
  • Faulty appliances/water spills

No matter the cause of your mold damage, SERVPRO of North Orange County has the techniques to handle the cleanup and restoration. If necessary, we offer detailed controlled demolition services. Call us at (845) 342-3333, and we can send a crew out as soon as possible.

Enjoy Breakfast With Santa Near Newburgh This Festive Season

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

logo advertising breakfast with Santa with a picture of Santa and a snowman in a car SERVPRO is looking forward to the Breakfast with Santa event!

A Festive Event For Newburgh Kids and Adults Alike

If you are looking for a fun festive-themed treat for the family, why not drop into Breakfast With Santa? The kids will love the chance to hang out with Mr. Claus, while you will appreciate taking the weight off your feet while savoring a hearty meal. Enjoy a sit-down pancake breakfast where you can choose from a selection of:

  • Fresh pancakes.
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Sausage and bacon.
  • Coffee, hot chocolate, and orange juice.

There will be kids crafts available, plus a raffle and the opportunity for pictures with Santa!

Join the fun at Knights of Columbus in Wappingers Falls. This event takes place on Saturday, December 12, at 8:30 AM. Tickets must be pre-booked and cost $12.50. This is sure to be a popular event and as there are only three sittings available we recommend booking early.

As the winter weather draws in, it is more important than ever to storm-proof your home. If you need storm damage cleanup in Newburgh, call SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County at (845) 342-3333.

SERVPRO Helps Protect Historic Newburgh Buildings From Water Damage

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

puddles of water on wood floor When water damage affects your property, it’s time to contact SERVPRO for water cleanup efforts. Call right away for best results.

Newburgh Is The Home Of Historic Preservation and There Are Many Beautiful Buildings To Explore

Newburgh occupies an ideal location in Orange County, being close enough to New York to enjoy all the excitement of the Big Apple while still being big enough to have plenty of amenities of its own. Newburgh is on the Hudson River and is conveniently located next to Stewart National Airport.

Henry Hudson, for whom the river is named, first came to the Newburgh area in 1609. However, it would be almost 80 years before settlers purchased the land, and it was 1709 before they created the first settlement.

Newburgh received its official city charter in 1865 and entered a booming age that saw it gain a railroad, become a passenger ferry hub, and swiftly grow prosperous. Today Newburgh stands firmly on its enterprising past while offering all the modern amenities you would expect from a city of this time.

The Home Of Historic Preservation

Historic preservation means preserving and protecting buildings for future generations to enjoy and learn about. Historic preservation got started right here in Newburgh! In 1961, Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site became the first building to be preserved by a state for historical reasons.

The house, also known as Hasbrouck House, is the oldest building in Newburgh:

  • The first house on the site was a fieldstone farmhouse, constructed around 1725.
  • Jonathan Hasbrouck and his wife completed work on the house in 1770.
  • When the army arrived in 1782, they made several changes, including a fireplace and a temporary kitchen, and enlarging and improving some of the outbuildings.
  • The State of New York took ownership of Hasbrouck House in 1850 when it became the first site in the United States to be publicly operated as a historic home.

Visitors today can take a step back in time, as the house is now a museum that has been carefully reconstructed to reflect what it was like during the Revolutionary War.

Hasbrouck is not the only well-preserved historical treasure in Newburgh! People passionate about conservation come from far and wide to admire the historical architecture and preserved buildings and sites that Newburgh is famous for. History lovers will want to check out:

  • David Crawford House is the current home of the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands. When the house was put up for auction in the 1950s, residents were afraid it would be torn down. Thankfully the Society purchased it, and as well as providing a headquarters, it also serves as a museum.
  • Old Town Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the city and features gravestones from as early as 1759 (it was established in 1713, but many markers are no longer legible.)
  • Downing Park is Newburgh's oldest and biggest public park. Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead designed the park in the late nineteenth century as a gift to the city in return for naming it after a friend of theirs who died in a steamboat accident. The park features a pond, a fountain, an amphitheater for outdoor performances, and a popular daylily garden where visitors can observe herons and other birds.

As well as stopping off at designated sites, we highly recommend simply taking a walk! Newburgh's historic districts are packed with examples of many architectural styles, including Gothic, Baronial, Revival, and Neoclassical.

Newburgh Is Also The Home Of Television and Shopping

As well as starting the trend of preserving beautiful buildings, Newburgh also had a hand in television's genesis. The RCA Corporation chose Newburgh as a test site for television sets in 1939. Newburgh was within range of their W2XBS station (now known as WNBC), so they sold 600 deeply discounted television sets to residents. The experiment was so successful that RCA was encouraged to continue its work and broadcast it into more homes.

The successful early broadcasts also mean that Newburgh residents were set up to receive television broadcasts during the Second World War when most homes across the nation could not.

Newburgh also has a history as a major shopping center for the area. Older residents still recall the array of shops that used to line Colden Street, Water Street, and Broadway with glee. Newburgh was home to one of the first malls in the country to feature a wide range of significantly different shops.

Visitors and residents today will not be disappointed in the array of shops in the city. From modern malls to farm shops to tiny independent boutiques, Newburgh has it all. Visitors who want something a bit out of the ordinary will love:

  • Newburgh Vintage Emporium, where you will find everything from mid-century furniture to Victorian jewels.
  • Hudson Beach Glass, in nearby Beacon, offers a staggering selection of beautiful hand-blown glass pieces, and you can even watch the glass-blowing process in action.
  • Overlook Farm Market, where you can enjoy the best local produce, including seasonal vegetables, poultry, plants, and fresh-cooked donuts.
  • The Elizabeth Collection, where you will find unique hand-tooled leather goods, along with essential oils and other gift items.
  • Morphicism, also in Beacon, features one-of-a-kind art pieces for the home. Stop in to admire the art and chat with the artist, who is always happy to explain his process.

Newburgh Residents Are Familiar With Snow and Storms

Newburgh's climate falls in the transition zone between humid continental and humid subtropical. Winters tend to be long and chilly, with an average of 36.8 inches of snowfall.

The climate means that Newburgh is no stranger to storms, wet weather, heavy snow, and sudden rainfall. All of these leave Newburgh homes in danger of water damage, and with so many historic buildings around, the city needs a water cleanup team it can trust.

SERVPRO Understands The  Water Cleanup Needs Of The Local Community

Because SERVPRO is a franchise company, the North and South Orange County branches are locally owned and operated. That means our staff live, work, and enjoy leisure time in and around Newburgh, and we understand the local community.

We know that Newburgh is a unique city full of landmarks. That is why we do our best to preserve any building, old or new, that has fallen foul of water damage. We know that fast action is key to cleaning up water damage before it gets out of hand – We Are Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Residents can rely on us to take care of every aspect of water cleanup, from initial assessment to drying and disinfecting. We can also liaise with insurers on the home owner's behalf and provide pictures and professional estimates to help you make an insurance claim.

We monitor every stage of water cleanup and drying to ensure every home is completely dry and that all damage is repaired. We also take care of deodorization to leave the house smelling fresh.

If you need a water cleanup company you can trust, call SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County at (845) 342-3333.

What is the Best Way to Handle Fire, Water, Flood, Mold or Storm Losses to Your North Orange County Home?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

drawing of home facing different natural emergencies; earthquake, flooding,  storm damage, and fires Chances are you home will experience an emergency restoration need. SERVPRO is eqipped and on call to handle all emergency restoration events.

SERVPRO is the Only Number You Need to Handle Your Home’s Emergency Restoration Needs 

As a team that has been in business for more than 30 years, we have seen the worst that nature and disasters can do to Newburgh homes and businesses. Because we have recognized the needs of our community over these past decades, we have grown and developed a roster of restoration technicians and contractors capable of addressing nearly every need that your property has after a fire, water, flood, mold, or storm losses. We even have dedicated professionals to address more complicated cleaning projects as well, such as biohazard recovery. As a full-service provider, we are a preferred vendor for insurance companies due to being single contractors completing nearly all of the necessary work to recover your home after a disaster. 

Storm Damage Restoration 

Between the harsh winter months and severe storm events that can occur during the spring and summer, homes and businesses are nearly always at risk for structural damage and flooding throughout Newburgh and its surrounding areas. With in-house contractors available to dispatch along with our restoration professionals, we can offer pre-mitigation emergency service to help, including: 

  • Controlled demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Extraction 

What Kinds of Flooding Can Damage Your Home? 

Not all flooding situations are the same, so knowing how floodwater entered your Newburgh home can be vital to determining the best approach for restoring the damage. Often there are a few primary varieties of flooding common to the area, including flash flooding, natural rising floodwaters, and water penetration from structural breaches like roof vulnerabilities. Each of these situations involves a pressing need for repair and restoration practices like extraction and cleaning. 

What Steps Can Our Team Take to Get Control?  

Extraction and water removal are the heart of flood recovery, and this can involve multiple tools and technologies. Standing water in your Newburgh home or business can lead to unfavorable conditions like structural deterioration, microbial growth, or the spread of contaminants. Through equipment like submersible pumps and wet vacuums, we can remove standing surface water and prepare the home for effective drying with air movers, dehumidifiers, and other specialty drying tools. 

Water Damage Restoration 

Because water restoration throughout Newburgh and other areas of the county that we serve is such a common occurrence, having the majority of our technicians accredited with water restoration certifications ensures that no customer waits for confident and experienced professionals in their time of need. This experience and training go up through our administration and management so that overseeing leaders like our crew chiefs and project managers also have the same education to make informed decisions that best suits your property. 

What is Mitigation for Water Losses? 

Acting quickly in a water loss is vital to protecting most of your structural integrity and contents. Regardless of how a water loss incident occurred in your Newburgh home, the appropriate response to these emergencies ensures the mitigation steps can begin as soon as possible. These initial efforts reduce total loss in the property and ultimately save our customers time and money on the restoration work to come. Some of these mitigation steps include: 

  • Extraction
  • Content Management
  • Controlled Demolition 

How Can We Dry Out Water Damage?  

Drying in your Newburgh home is one of the critical elements of restoration after a water emergency. Several tools and technologies get employed during this vital stage of recovery, including air movers, dehumidifiers, portable electric heaters, and our floor mat drying system. 

Fire Damage Restoration 

With fire losses in Newburgh homes being one of the standard callouts that our professionals must regularly address, we stay prepared to help through this troubling experience. Often this begins with a thorough assessment of the property conducted by our project manager, though several emergency services might need to occur before this. Structural breaches must get covered to prevent water or animal intrusion, debris can get shoveled and vacuumed from the flooring, and air quality can begin to get regulated with tools like air scrubbers. 

What Initial Steps Can Protect a Fire-Damaged Property?  

The initial actions that are professionals take when we arrive at a fire damaged Newburgh property are critical to reducing losses and costs for our customers. Mitigation is a universal approach for every emergency that our technicians help to restore. With residential structure fires and even more massive commercial blazes, some of these mitigation actions can improve efficiency: 

  • Debris Removal
  • Soot Cleaning
  • Surface Wiping
  • Temporary Construction Solutions 

Are Reconstruction and Repair Included?  

After a structure fire, many Newburgh homes and businesses require some degree of repair or reconstruction. With a team of in-house contractors able to respond to the restoration technicians, we can get a better understanding of the structural repairs necessary to make fire losses “Like it never even happened.” 

Commercial Services 

After any loss incident impacts your Newburgh business, you can have many obstacles in opening your doors again. For this reason, we have encouraged many Newburgh businesses to work with us to develop their profile in a program called the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan. This information, shared conveniently, helps responding technicians know about entry points, utility shutoffs, and other vital information to restore the property efficiently. 

The Benefits of Large Loss Recovery Teams 

One of the advantages of choosing SERVPRO to help restore the damage to your Newburgh commercial property is our involvement as a significant loss recovery team. Our connection to a vast network of franchises and sister organizations ensures that we have a nearly endless pool of: 

  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Products
  • Experience
  • Resources 

How Can Your Business Stay Clean and Safe?  

Safe and sanitary workspaces are vital for both your employees and the customers you serve, regardless of your business nature. Because of the pressing need for thorough and intricate cleaning solutions in commercial spaces, we have developed a defensive cleaning program we call Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. This program features the most comprehensive cleaning solutions for Newburgh businesses, featuring EPA approved disinfectants, antibacterial solutions, and deodorizing compounds. 

Disasters do not have to keep you down. Give our SERVPRO of North Orange County team a call today at (845) 342-3333.

Why Should I Hire Skilled Technicians for Flood Cleanup in Newburgh?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

Flooding Room With Blank Frame Hanging On The Wall Flood damage is no match for SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County.

SERVPRO Lessens Flood Damage Loss When You Call Us to Your Newburgh Home for Restoration Services

Dealing with flooding while using DIY methods opens up the possibility of leaving behind hidden moisture and harmful bacteria. Water saturates carpets and gets into the subfloor below while also wicking into the walls and behind baseboards. Only the professionals have the right tools to not only find and eliminate moisture but also ensure that microbes are not left to fester within your Newburgh living space.

Why Call SERVPRO for Flood Restoration?

Our team is IICRC-certified, meaning that we have the comprehensive skills and training necessary to mitigate your flood damage in Newburgh. We bring along specialized equipment to handle the cleanup, including:

•    Submersible pumps
•    Truck-mounted extractors capable of handling water riddled with debris
•    Moisture sensor technology
•    Industrial-strength air movers
•    Professional-grade dehumidifiers
•    EPA-registered cleaning agents

What Happens if Water is Missed During DIY Cleanup?

When water is left to seep into nooks and crannies, foul odors develop while mold has the chance to colonize. Secondary damage multiples, turning into a costly endeavor to fix. SERVPRO has tried-and-true methods for planning out your floodwater cleanup followed by proven drying techniques. We ensure no water gets left behind baseboards, within your wall cavities, or under flooring. Our crew follows a plan that tells us how many air movers and dehumidification tools to set up within the loss zone to amplify drying times.

After your interior is dry, we take the time to thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize all surfaces. This inhibits mold growth, but it also ensures no foul odors linger throughout the home. Everything gets done to restore your interior to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Flood damage is no match for SERVPRO of North Orange County and SERVPRO of South Orange County. We are available 24/7 for emergency cleanup and restoration – just give our team a call at (845) 342-3333 when you need us!

Do I Need Experience to Restore my Newburgh Home After a Fire?

5/24/2020 (Permalink)

Burning flame isolated on black “Like it never even happened.”

Fire and Smoke Restoration has a Steep Learning Curve, and Nothing Beats Practical Experience Working On-site in Newburgh

How do I start fire restoration at my property?

The first step in fire damage restoration for Newburgh residents is to notify your insurance provider. Your insurance company can then dispatch an adjuster to catalog losses for claims review. After contacting your insurance company, you should contact a certified restoration firm to restore damages to your home and contents. Smoke residues can settle into surfaces or fabrics as time passes. Equally, water or foam used in the firefighting procedure can cause problems or lead to further losses. SERVPRO offers twenty-four-hour support to residents because we understand that fire losses are a time-sensitive situation and need a quick response to ensure a full recovery.

What fire hazards exist in residential property?

    •    Solid combustibles include textiles, papers, woods, and plastics. These can be found throughout a home environment and can be ignited by exposure to naked flames like candles or cigarettes
    •    Flammable liquids which can include grease in your kitchen, fuels like ethylene or gasoline and alcohols
    •    Electrical fires. Home environments are full of appliances, wiring and electronic devices that can present a fire risk if they malfunction or become insecure
    •    Flammable Metallic substances like sodium, lithium or potassium can be rare in a home environment but are highly-flammable requiring special extinguishers

What different types of fire extinguishers are there, and when should I use them?

Fire extinguishers come in different shapes and sizes. The most recognizable extinguisher uses pressurized water to douse flames. These are useful when solid combustible materials like curtains catch fire. The remaining classes of fire extinguisher use dry chemical foam or carbon dioxide, which are crucial in bringing electrical fires under control as well as flammable liquids. Never use water on fires electrical or chemical fires. Other extinguishers use wet chemicals that are effective against grease fires and cooking fires- the most common cause of house fire in Newburgh.

Does the type of fire affect restoration?

Different fuels and types of fire are an influential factor in the restoration approach. Technicians with experience can accurately assess different types of fire damage after the fact. Being able to identify smoke residues is essential to using the correct methods to restore a property. Cooking fires that involve animal fats, for example, can result in stubborn residues which respond poorly to water and can spread around easily during cleaning. We use oil-based solvents to dissolve greasy soot deposits before rinsing both solvent and soiling to remove them effectively.

What can I do to prevent fires in my home?

    •    Never leave a stove unattended while cooking
    •    Perform regular maintenance checks of appliances in the home. Also, be vigilant against 'daisy-chaining' equipment using extension cords
    •    Perform yearly maintenance checks on the wiring in your home and especially before the winter months when you are using more electricity
    •    Keep naked flames away from solid combustible materials like curtains, paper, artwork or woods
    •    Regularly check your furnace to avoid future puff-backs

How do I get rid of odors after a house-fire?

Odor control is essential to returning a home to its preloss condition. The ruling principle of odor control is to disperse deodorants using a similar method to those that caused the odor. In a fire, odors from combusting materials travel upward into cooler air pockets. As they travel, they deposit onto surfaces or enter small crevices in the home like light-fittings. Misters vaporize deodorants, releasing the vapor into the home. Usually, we use water-based solvents that take less time to clear from the home environment but still travel into tough to reach areas of the home. SERVPRO technicians can place venting box fans in the property to ensure that deodorants are thoroughly ventilated out of the property. We exchange indoor air up to fifty times before clearing the area for safe usage.

How can I get help filling in my insurance claim?

Most of your claim is fulfilled by informing your adjuster of losses and their relative values. These items are then given a subtotal and sent for review by your insurance provider. SERVPRO understands that it can be tiresome to relay thousands of items to an adjuster, which is why we offer to help customers with their claims. During service, our crew chiefs document work carried out in a digital ledger. When the restoration journey is complete, we can pass this document onto your insurance provider as part of our stress-free claim initiative. We always finish the restoration by conducting a walk-through where we explain all aspects of restoration and outcomes with you.

For experienced restoration assistance, contact SERVPRO of North Orange County at (845) 342-3333.

Middletown Homes, Water Extraction, and Mitigation--The SERVPRO Way!

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Service Vehicle in all its splendor SERVPRO HQ and a Service Vehicle--Professional Grade Cleanup and Restoration Services for Middletown--24/7

Why Sump Pumps Start Water Loss Recovery in Middletown Homes

Mitigation is one of the essential elements of the recovery of your Middletown home after a water loss incident. Despite how widespread and destructive migrating water can become, the appropriate response by our SERVPRO technicians can ensure that less property damage ultimately occurs. The primary purpose of mitigation is to reduce the costs and losses to homes and businesses right after a disaster strikes.

When our professionals first begin to assess and address the water damage to Middletown homes, extraction can often be the necessary starting point. Standing water can threaten the structural integrity of exposed materials, and it can also become an added challenge to restore when it has absorbed into installed elements like wallboard, wood framing, and flooring.

With more than thirty years of experience and training, our water restoration technicians (WRT) accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can begin mitigation with direct, confident actions. Extraction can reduce surface water throughout the damaged area, and when this threat is more than two inches in depth, submersible pumps are the ideal solution to choose. There are many reasons why electric sump pumps can be among the first machines deployed at a water loss incident.

•    Electric pumps are versatile choices because of their lighter weight
•    These tools provide continuous, quiet extraction
•    Electric submersible pumps can have long discharge lines, allowing them to be more effective in larger homes
•    These pumps can run off of portable generators when electricity service has gotten severed to the property
•    Can reduce surface water concerns down to two inches in depth or less
•    Submersible pumps empty to drainage points instead of filing a tank that needs to get emptied

Extraction is among the first steps that our SERVPRO of North Orange County professionals must take when we respond to water loss incidents. With pooling water concerns, we have an array of powerful water removal and drying tools to make losses “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (845) 342-3333.

Am I Covered?

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

Paper with the words insurance policy Insurance is extremely important when owning a home and/or building.

SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S. Ulster Counties get a lot of questions about insurance and if a loss is covered. Our staff is fully trained to know how to answer these questions. We are not insurance agents, but we have a lot of experience with several different types of claims over our 30 years in business. Each claim is treated individually. We take our time getting all the information about the loss and determining what the best course of action would be. We walk people through each step of the way. 

Now for important tips for your insurance policy:

  1. Confirm you have an endorsement for sewer backup coverage. Sewer backups cause more damage than a regular water damage. As a restoration company, we also have to protect our employees with personal protective equipment, which includes additionals charges as well. 
  2. Confirm you have extra coverage for mold. Especially in New York State, there are stringent laws about mold remediation and have to be followed closely.
  3. If you own an older home or building, make sure you have code upgrade insurance god forbid something happens that you need to upgrade your entire electrical system or plumbing system. Both systems can become extremely costly, so for a little bit extra a month in insurance, it is worth it. 
  4. Additional Living Expense (ALE) is what is used if you have to move out of your house for a while to get the home rebuilt after any type of damage. ALE is used for hotels, food, or even a long term rental home. As you can imagine, this can become very pricy as well. 
  5. If you are renting, have renters insurance, especially if you are in a multi-unit facility. You may never believe you will have a loss, but what if your neighbor falls asleep with a pan on the stove and it catches fire. Your entire apartment's contents may be non-salvageable. Your renter's insurance is what pays you back for your contents.
  6. When going to get renters insurance, be realistic on the price range of all of your personal belongings. Remember all the small items, as well. One bottle of spice is $3, but if you have 100 of them, that is $300. The money accumulates quickly, so do not skimp on the insurance. 
  7. There are things in life you can get for cheap, insurance should not be one of them. Take your time, find the best agent, and get the right coverage. 

SERVPRO is here to help with any questions that may arise. 

Pet's Alive - Middletown, NY

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

Donations we were able to provide after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

SERVPRO is a massive supporter of Pet's Alive in Middletown New York. They are a non-profit animal shelter. SERVPRO can provide them with supplies to keep the animals safe and happy in their time of need. We donate personal protective suits for when kittens come in with fleas, and the employees need to be protected. We also give food, gloves, and flea/tick collars for the animals. 

Pet's Alive also takes in dogs when hurricanes hit other shelters throughout the country. Pet's Alive took in 12 dogs from Houston area in Texas and was able to give them homes here. SERVPRO of Orange County put on a fundraiser to help raise money and supplies for those dogs from the hurricane relief. 

SERVPRO loves to give back and support local charities across Orange County and beyond. It is a massive aspect of our local service we feel is extremely important as a local business to be a part of. Each day, as long as one animal is getting taken care of, we are happy to help. Pet's Alive is a fantastic organization to be a part of! Check out their website here

Professional business with trained staff

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We take care of your home like our own. We hold it in our hands and walk our customers through the whole process.

When you have a disaster in your home the last thing you want to think about is worrying about who is coming into the house. SERVPRO in Middletown, NY is trained professionals who handle homes like their own. We understand and are compassionate about the difficult scenario our clients are going through. We want to ensure that a homeowner feels comfortable about the situation. We are invading their comfort zone. We are touching all the objects that they own if we need to clean in detail after a fire or puffback. When we walk into a water damage, we assess what can be saved versus what needs to be disposed of. We take our time to go through the items with our customers and make sure we keep as much as possible. 

Orange County Business goes Solar

3/21/2019 (Permalink)

This photo is from the progress of the expansion showing the solar panels on the roof.

SERVPRO of North Orange County in New York installed solar panels on our existing roof to cover both current and future expansion needs. It is essential for SERVPRO to have a green footprint for our area. Solar was one of the many ways we could do so. With our recent expansion, it was needed to be able to prepare for the future. The solar panels have helped us be for effecting and aware of our usage of power. All lights also were changed to LED to make sure we are even more economically friendly moving forward. We were excited to move forward into the future with these advancements. It only makes sense for SERVPRO to go "Green," isn't it the best color after all?